Royal wedding favorites

Yes, I did it. I got up at 5 a.m. this morning to watch the royal wedding. I did it because my girlfriends were throwing a party, with decadent coffee cake, but I ended up enjoying the whole thing more than I thought I would. 

Here are my top 9 favorite things about the wedding:

9. Fergie’s daughters’ hats: Princesses of York looked as insane as their momma. Beatrice’s hat in particular looked like something from the imagination for Dr. Seuss. Gotta have a few crazy relatives in the pews (and holding up the bar) or it’s not a wedding.

Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, looking crazy.

8. Kate’s mom and dad: They’re a couple of regular folks who have found themselves under the media spotlight and they handled the day with more class and warmth than most of the royal family. And they looked awesome.

Kate's mom, Carole Middleton

7. Pippa’s dress: I think people will be talking about this long after they dissect Kate’s dress because it was so gorgeous and flattering. Should I ever attain Pippa’s body, I want this dress.

Pippa Middleton

6. The horse drawn carriage: This was the moment the wedding became a Disney movie, complete with Will looking like Prince Charming in his red royal suity thing. The six-year-old girl inside me squealed.

Fairy tale carriage ride time

5. The Aston Martin: Hooray for normalcy! I loved seeing photos of the newly married couple driving themselves to their home, trailing tacky ballons and streamers behind them. It shows they have an excellent sense of humor and occasion.

Riding away in the Aston Martin

4. Kate’s dress: Very Grace Kelly. Very classic. I think it will probably stand the test of time far better than Diana’s cream puff of a gown.

Kate's dress

3. The double kiss: The first one felt so rushed and thin, I was glad that they took a minute to relax and then did it again. It made them seem even more human.

First kiss in public.

2. The vows: I think you can tell a lot about a couple by how they behave at the altar. Some folks smile and make faces at each other. Some cry. Some look at each other in that way that says, “We’re so happy we’ll make you sick.” It’s hard to relax in front of a church full of 300 people, so I can’t imagine the pressure Kate and Will felt in front of millions. And yet, he told her she looked beautiful, they smiled and they looked at each other in a way that suggested there a deep and private connection between them that none of us will ever get to see.

The ring

 1. This picture: Love, love, love.

Best. Photo. Ever.


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