Wedding dress: Found!

I’ve already finished the best part of wedding planning. And it only took four hours.

Over my spring break, I went home to Durham to shop for dresses with my mom and my unofficial second mom, Cindy. The three of us decided to start at a wedding dress warehouse store (no, not David’s Bridal) and ended up finding and buying “the” dress in about four hours. Afterwards, other mothers of the bride were amazed that it hadn’t taken us longer.

“I went out a dozen times with my daughter,” one said, still looking exhausted from the endeavor.

Just because we found the dress fast doesn’t mean I didn’t have fun trying a lot of dresses on. One of the best things about being at a massive dress warehouse is you can try on anything you want without a snippy saleswomen standing over you. I even tried on one of those Disney-themed dresses (so corny!) and it was actually very pretty (so surprising!).

Because I’m girlie and I love dresses, below are some outtakes from the shopping day. And, no, the chosen dress is not among them. All photos courtesy of Cindy.    


Pretty tiers of lace.

I thought this dress might be the one.
“I dunno…”
My mom, getting goofy.
Gorgeous tailored dress — with pockets!

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