Huzzah, congratulations and best wishes!

Emily Gilmore

One of the fun things about being engaged is getting all the hearty congratulations from friends and family. You get to smile, tell the story, flash the ring and enjoy a few moments of being really happy about something really awesome.

In the midst of all these warm wishes and congratulations, I’ve been reminded a tiny bit of wedding etiquette I first learned from Emily Gilmore of Gilmore Girls fame:

“You say ‘best wishes’ to the bride and ‘congratulations’ to the groom,” said the TV queen of proper etiquette.

Turns out it’s true. What I didn’t know was why. After several proper Virginia gentleman wished me best wishes, I finally asked.

Apparently aying, “Congratulations,” to the bride-to-be implies that I caught my man like a butterfly in a net (which Fiance claims is accurate). “Best wishes” conveys a more ladylike scenario.

That said, I’ll take anything lovely — best wishes, congratulations, good on ya or a hearty huzzah!


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One Response to Huzzah, congratulations and best wishes!

  1. Kristen says:

    Oh no! That darn Northerner…BEST WISHES!!! 🙂

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